Wednesday, August 31, 2011

subways of my heart

More England pictures. I think these are all from June 2011.

london calling in my veins

I went to London on a missions trip in May 2011 and June 2011. I did street theatre and volunteered at a community centre in Battersea. These are pictures from that trip, and they mean so much to me, especially now that I am bound back to these people in May of next year.

Midday Train Goin' Anywhere

These are from an adventure that Heidi and I went on by some abandoned train tracks. These are from May 2011.

The Nicest Girls in Town

Heidi and I met up with Angie in Falls Park, where we had a picnic and took pictures and were stalked by this man who was clearly high and always posed for the camera when we turned it on him. Then we went to Coffee Underground and wandered up and down Main Street until we sadly had to say goodbye to Angie.

Snake Days

Heidi and I went on a picnic at a Revolutionary War battleground and watched the snakes swim by. We also took pictures are Horseshoe Falls, where I got dangerously close to a snake and ran away trembling.